Can I hire a driver to take me to the airport and pick me up?

  • Yes, and while you are away we can take care of your car related chores, such as oil changes, new tires, vehicle maintenance, car washes etc.

Can I hire a driver /Assistant on a full time or semi full time basis? 

  • Yes, we can tailor a driver package to meet your needs. Rates for a driver in 2024 will remain the same starting at $57/hr. To standardize across the new and old clients we will be adding 20% service charge/gratuity to cover operational cost, and additional payments to drivers. All drivers are classified as employees and we pay taxes and provide workman’s comp insurance.
  • Client will be billed cost plus 20% for expenses incurred by the chauffeur including parking for the chauffeur’s car and tolls, gas, car washes and other expenses incurred while providing services to Client.  Client will be charged time and half and double time for service hours over 8 and 12, respectively. and a $10/hr. premium for day of requests or drives starting before 6 a.m.

What do I need to make a reservation?

  • Client contact information and address.
  • Proof of current insurance coverage for stated vehicle.
  • Itinerary including dates, times, event locations, etc.

What if I need to cancel my reservation? 

  • Cancellations within the 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time are subject to a cancellation charge equal to 3 hours of service.

Can my driver run errands or fulfill special request for me (example: pick up dry cleaning, milk from the grocery store, or pickup clients)? 

  • Yes, it is considered part of our service.

How does Insurance Work?

  • The drivers operate under the insurance policy assigned to the vehicle to guarantee that you are fully protected under the permissive clause. Please check with your provider as needed.  Due to the nature of driving clients in their own cars the insurance industry has not adjusted to this type of service therefore we are still unable at this time to purchase insurance as a third party driving your vehicle in case of damage. If our driver is found to cause damage to a client vehicle, we will pay your deductible.

How much lead time do I need in order to book your service? 

  • We normally require a 24 hour notice; however, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Terms and Condtions

Clients acknowledges that in exchange for the privileges and peace of mind associated with service, Client releases My VIP Driver, LLC, its clients, managers, employees, agents and drivers from any and all liability, including negligence, for any injury, including death or property damage that may occur in connection with the service; and agrees not to initiate any legal proceedings against My VIP Driver, LLC, its Clients, managers, employees, agents or drivers with respect to any such claims for damages, which Client is releasing. Client is aware that various risks are involved in the Driving Service. Such risks include, among other things, the travel risks associated with riding in a vehicle and giving control of a vehicle to another person.

How do I make a reservation? 

  • Simply email us at contact@MyVIPdriver.com or call 831-295-8351

Contact us for more information or to obtain our service.